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Felt Rabbit Breed Miniatures – Pencil Toppers, Keychain Crafts

September 13, 2011

Was poking around in my old photobucket album– how fun!  Found precious pics, funny pics, “OH YEAH I remember” pics, and those  old pics that make you wince, and move your mouse to the delete button…but for some reason, don’t click it.

Among the “Oh yeah, I remember” pics were these felt bunny crafts I made and sold several years ago.  I made at least 60 of them one winter, of many different breeds.  It was fun!  They were originally intended to be pencil-toppers, but could also be put on keychains, backpacks, be gifts, toys, you name it.  I heard that one lady bought a Dutch felt bunny and put it on the judging table.

Anyway they’re kind of silly, but…

holland lop rabbit craft in palm of hand

Checkered giant felt rabbit craft

A Checkered Giant


jersey wooly BEW rabbit toy

A pretty BEW Jersey Wooly


broken black Netherland Dwarf rabbit felt craft

A broken black Netherland Dwarf


cute brown american fuzzy lop pair

“Chestnut” American Fuzzy Lops


handmade felt bunny - dwarf hotot breed

Chocolate Dutch

Black Dutch rabbit realistic 3d felt craft

Black Dutch

handmade cute bunny craft by a kid


Tri color holland lop rabbit keychain decor

Tricolored Holland Lop

english lop rabbit broken black on stack of poker chips
English Lop


king bunny with crown on pen topper craft

Rabbit Royalty?


Lionhead. Tort Lionhead.

Dwarf Hotot Rabbit miniature gift possibility

Dwarf Hotot.


GO BLUE! University of Michigan
Uof M cheer gear



I confess, I DID make a spartan one [Michigan State U]… but it was a lop.  OF COURSE.   I made others, too.  Flemish Giant, Tan, Silver Marten… lots.

The crew:

huge bunch of felt bunnies

Which do you like the best?