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Peruvian Cavies for Sale – Breeder of Quality Longhaired Guinea Pigs

June 7, 2011

Hi everyone!

I want to invite you to check out Angelhair Caviary, a guinea pig breeder in Austin, TX.  Kay raises several breeds of long haired cavies including Peruvians, Silkies, Coronets, and Alpacas.  She also has a Satin Longhairs and a few Americans.  If you are looking for show or pet guinea pigs for sale, I’d definitely suggest checking out her website.  She loves her pigs, knows a lot about them, and is even willing to ship.

If you are a youth member studying Cavy Breed ID for fair quiz bowls or skill-a-thons, you’ll like all the guinea pig pictures that Kay offers on her website.  You can see photos of broken colors, creams, blacks, TSW’s (tortoiseshell and whites), and other varieties of several breeds.

Click here to visit Angelhair Caviary!

guinea pig puzzle book and breed identificationYou may also be interested in our publication, “Cavy Savvy 2-in-1!”

Cavy Savvy has two sections: Part 1 is a study guide.  Part 2 is an activity book.

Modeled after our two most popular rabbit publications, this book helps youth members capture success with their animal project by mastering the knowledge they need.   More information here!


red and white peruvian cavy junior

Junior Peruvian Cavy

black american cavy boar posed

One of Kay's Black American Cavies, nicely posed


What’s new?

June 3, 2011

Things are busy at Rabbit Smarties Publishers right now!  We’ve been selling lots of books and designs, but that’s not all!   I purchased the well-known website of the Nature Trail Rabbitry, a wealth of show rabbit information. I’m working on getting the site back on its feet and going strong.  I’m really excited about how it’s turning out, but it’s taking my time away from this blog.  I’ll continue to put up a post here now and then, but probably won’t go back into full swing until the Nature Trail site is done.

You can help me with the Nature Trail!  If you have any great bunny pictures — especially Grand Champions — that you’d like to offer, let me know!  If you have any other suggestions about the site, or would like to be added to the breeder’s listing, just shoot me an e-mail.

Have a great summer!