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“Dear Pearl” : Humor for Rabbit Breeders

Being a series of letters from imaginary breeder Britanny Petite to her dear friend, Pearl Marten.  These be the thoughts that, at one time or another, we all would like to express…

Dear Pearl,

Ah, wintertime.  What a boisterous time of year it is for national specialty clubs!  I’ve discovered that it’s second only to election time in terms of riotous conversation on the message boards.  I mean, count the reasons!  Convention excitement has died down, bunny production is nearly nil, we’re struggling personally with new year’s resolutions, and we won’t have to deal with each other personally for a few months still before nationals…  I call it fair weather for a Crème D’Argument.  Are there “mini wrecks” going on in your club right now, or are the waters calm?  In my club, the NQRBA, everything hinges on whether or not the final sweepstakes standings will be released in the next couple weeks.  You don’t know how many times the position of sweep keeper has come up for grabs!

But really, I think we underappreciate our  officers.  I was just the assistant secretary at our local show last week and it gave me a glimpse of how much effort it takes.  My primary job was looking up zip codes on google so we could complete the envelopes and mail the reports.  I’m going to suggest that next year’s entry form be printed with the zip code box outlined in red.  Exhibitors might not so easily overlook it that way.  Maybe we should highlight the “show secretary” blank at the bottom, too.  Somehow it seems like a reward for doing the reports when the exhibitors took the time to write your name there… ya know?

I would love to hear from you, but no rush.  Just get back to me before they host convention in Alaska.


[Disclaimer: All characters mentioned in these “letters” are fictional (at least, most of them! ) as well as all clubs (except ARBA/ACBA), shows, locations, and/or incidents.  These letters are intended get some fun out of the hobby of rabbit breeding and showing.  However, please be aware that these “letters” do NOT reflect usual or recommended practices of rabbit show breeders.  It’s more often quite the opposite…]

Coming next time on the Rabbit Smarties Blog: Can you find the DQ in these illustrations?

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